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Dr. Alison Higgins, DVM, B.Sc.

Veterinarian, Practice Owner

Dr. Higgins' Bio

Dr. Alison Higgins graduated with distinction from the College of Agriculture and Bioresources (Animal Science) in 2009 and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. Growing up on a farm near Vanscoy, SK, Dr. Higgins’ love and passion for all animals started from a very young age. In veterinary school, Dr. Higgins spent a summer with Global Vets in Africa where she helped with the care and treatment of wildlife including rhinos and chimpanzees as well as livestock. In 2015 Dr. Higgins joined the team at Acadia and began working closely alongside her mentor Dr. Wickstrom in preparation for her biggest goal and dream, and in 2019 she became the proud owner of Acadia Veterinary Clinic. Acadia’s great reputation in reproductive services continues on as Dr. Higgins has a special interest and advanced training in canine reproduction. She also loves performing surgeries especially foreign body surgery, cruciate surgery, and emergency caesarians, although her greatest joy comes from helping to keep pets healthy. Nothing feels better than seeing a sick or injured pet become well again and the happiness it brings to their loving owners. Dr. Higgins currently has 2 cats Luke and Dennis, a Chinese Water Dragon named Elizabeth Targaryen, and a horse named Taz. In her spare time, Dr. Higgins loves being with her family and pets, enjoying the outdoors, camping, hiking, and fishing as often as she can.

Dr. Christie Braaten, DVM, B.S.A

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Braaten's Bio

Dr. Christie Braaten graduated from the College of Agriculture and Bioresources (Animal Science) in 2009 and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015 and started her career working with small/companion animals. Dr. Braaten and her husband have a son who they welcomed in 2018 and she joined the team at Acadia in 2020 after her maternity leave. Being a Type 1 Diabetic, Dr. Braaten has a soft spot and special interest in helping Diabetic patients live their best lives. She also enjoys working up tough medicine cases and keeps us all smiling with her cheerful and kind demeanour. Dr. Braaten has a dog named Ari, 3 cats named Tuna, Minnow, and Guppy, and also some actual fish! In her free time, she enjoys going to Rush games, travelling with her little family and watching her son experience the world.

Dr. Sunghyang Choi, DVM, B.Sc.

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Choi Bio

Dr. Sunghyang Choi grew up with a passion for science and mathematics that was inspired by her mathematician father. She received her Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the Yonsei University in Korea in 2003 and began a career teaching biology and chemistry to high school students after graduation. It was when she traveled to India for volunteer work that she recognized her calling to become a veterinarian. When she came back home to Korea, she applied to veterinary school and successfully graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University in Korea in 2013.

While in veterinary school, Dr. Choi met her husband and had two lovely children together. Eventually, they decided to move their family to her husband’s home city – Saskatoon! Dr. Choi started her veterinary career here in Saskatoon in 2018 and later joined the team at Acadia in January of 2021. Dr. Choi has a fur allergy, so she does not have pets of her own, but her allergy wasn’t enough to stop her from doing her life’s work as a veterinarian! She is a dedicated vet with a deep passion for the health and wellbeing of the animals in her care. Dr. Choi is keenly interested in surgery, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation and is especially devoted to working with patients with chronic diseases who are in need of long-term care and medical management. 

Outside of her work as a veterinarian, Dr. Choi focuses on quality time with her family. She enjoys indoor wall-climbing with her children and loves outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. Dr. Choi also loves to sew clothes for her children with her old classic sewing machine, which was passed down from her mother-in-law.

Dr. Chistina Meschkat, DVM, B.Sc.

Associate Veterinarian 

Dr. Meschkat' Bio

Dr. Christina Meschkat was born and raised in British Columbia where she grew up on Vancouver Island, spending most of her childhood exploring the outdoors. Her love of animals developed at a very early age. Growing up she had numerous pets including 18 gerbils (at one time), hamsters, fish, canaries, finches, parrotlets, cats and dogs. In 2014 Dr. Meschkat graduated with Distinction from the University of Victoria with a B.Sc in Biology. She attended veterinary school at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine here in Saskatoon where she graduated in 2020 top of her class with Great Distinction! Dr. Meschkat worked in companion animal practice for 1.5 years before joining the team of Acadia in 2022. Her passion and commitment to providing top quality care is felt with every patient she sees. Dr. Meschkat has special interests in dermatology and dentistry cases and she is currently studying and training to become certified in canine rehabilitation and physiotherapy!

Outside of work Dr. Meschkat’s hobbies include English horseback riding, playing volleyball, hiking, camping, kayaking, gardening, spin cycling, and reading. She currently has three pets: a Pacific Parrotlet named Jasper, a DSH cat named Hope, and a Rottweiler cross named Zero. 

Marlee Wiebe, RVT

Head Registered Veterinary Technologist/Office Manager

Marlee's Bio
Marlee is our Head Vet Tech and Office Manager. She completed her practicum here in 2014 and became part of the Acadia team after graduating from the RVT program at SIAST. Marlee has a strong interest in reproduction and laboratory technologies. She loves feline medicine and works hard to make sure all our feline patients are as comfortable as possible. Marlee has two beautiful cats, Sophie, a Ragdoll cat, and Hope, a domestic long hair that Marlee adopted as a stray kitten

Sarah Mooney, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Sarah's Bio

Sarah graduated as a registered veterinary technician from SIAST in 2013 and started working at Acadia shortly after; drawn to the practice because of its’ alternative therapy treatment options and use of modern veterinary medicine. Sarah grew up on an acreage with her three sisters and two brothers where she discovered her passion for animals. Her favorite weekends at the family farm consisted of heading to the nearby auction mart to pick up the next furry family member. At the age of 12, she fulfilled a childhood dream of owning a horse; after years of saving she purchased “Breeze”, an Arabian Welsh cross. Her other pets include Nevada a Shih-Tzu x Pomeranian, Rosie the Ragdoll cat, Casper the Ring-Necked Dove, and 4 fish. Sarah and her husband have a rambunctious toddler who loves all creatures big and small, just like his parents do. Sarah loves spending time with friends and family (including the furry ones), walking her dog, horseback riding, gardening, staying active, and cooking/baking/drinking wine.

Bailey Kzyzyk, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Bailey's Bio
Bailey joined the team at Acadia shortly after finishing her practicum placement with us in March 2020. Her interest in rehabilitation, small animals, and wildlife made her a perfect fit for Acadia! Bailey chose to become an RVT because she always had an interest in animals and nature, and wanted to have a career that put the needs of animals above all else.

She is from Saskatoon and loves camping, gardening, hiking, traveling, and basically anything involving the outdoors. Bailey has a 24-year-old red Eared Slider turtle named Sheldon.

Jill Sonstelie, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Jill's Bio

Jill became a Registered Veterinary Technologist after graduating from the Veterinary Technician program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2021. She had completed her practicum rotation at Acadia earlier that spring and loved our team dynamic and how well everyone worked together. We loved her hard work and enthusiasm and she officially joined our team that summer to start her career. Jill grew up around small animals and always wanted to work with them, so she knew a career in pet health at small animal clinic was the right fit for her. One of Jill’s favourite things about veterinary medicine is surgery as well as being involved with prepping and recovering her patients. Outside of work Jill enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family, friends, and her dog, a Pomeranian mix named McCormick.

Mekayla Wrench, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist 

Mekayla's Bio

Mekayla graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technologist from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2021 and initially started her career in large animal practice. She later transitioned back to the city closer to friends and family and became a member of the Acadia team in February of 2023. Mekayla has always loved animals and knew from a young age she would work with them in some capacity. As she grew older, she became interested in medicine so the veterinary field became an obvious choice. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is the diverse people and animals she gets to help daily. Mekayla is passionate about helping pet parents keep their pets happy and healthy and she enjoys working with all kinds of animals.  She currently has three pets; two mischievous cats named Fender Bender and Sootsprite, as well as a green cheeked conure named Charlie. In her spare time Mekayla enjoys cooking, disc golf, crafts like embroidery or crocheting, and spending time with friends and family. 

Shayla Wenc, VOA

Veterinary Office Assistant

Shayla's Bio
Shayla graduated from the Veterinary Office Assistant program at Mckay Career Training in 2018 and started at Acadia shortly after. Growing up on a farm outside of Martensville, SK sparked her love of all animals and fueled her desire to work in a veterinary clinic. Shayla is often the first friendly face you see and voice you hear when you come to Acadia! She works tirelessly to keeps things running smoothly and organized every day. When she is not at work, Shayla spends her time caring for a busy toddler, playing fastball, and being outdoors. Shayla also loves spending her free time with her Norwegian Elk Hound, Gunnar, and her cat Jetta.

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