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We are grateful to have the opportunity to be there for your pet throughout their life.

When it’s time to say goodbye, our team will be there to support you. If you are considering euthanasia but still question if it’s the right time, our veterinarians will help you assess your animal’s quality of life to help you with this difficult decision and the final act of love towards your companion.

Our partnership with Family Pet Cremation Services allows us to offer shared or private cremation services to honor the memory of your special pet. This service is offered as a humane and dignified means of final disposition. We are also pleased to offer memorial items such as clay and watercolour paw print keepsakes.
Shared Cremation: Pets are cremated in a shared group at the same time. The cremated remains are interred in an identifiable area in an on site Memorial Garden at Family Pet Cremation Center, which can be visited at any time.

Private Cremation: In this industry standard procedure, pets are placed in a divided, separate and identified distinct part of the cremation chamber. The identified cremated remains of each are removed separately for packaging. Each pet is assigned a unique numbered stainless steel identification disc and a cremation certificate and an urn is provided. This most common process provides the owner with the assurance of guaranteed and accurate identification.

Individual Cremation: This priority service is provided for those pet owners who want their pet cremated individually and/or have an urgent time constraint which requires cremation to take place at a specific time. Each pet is assigned a unique numbered stainless steel identification disc and a cremation certificate. 

Remains processed through Private or Individual cremation are packaged securely into an urn and returned to our clinic where they are safely stored until reunited with you. You will be contacted upon arrival of the remains and can pick up the package at our clinic at your earliest convenience. The turn-around time from when Family Pet receives your pet to the time the remains are returned to our clinic will be anywhere from 7 to 10 business days.

Pet Loss Support

The loss of a beloved pet can be one of the most painful events to endure, sometimes even more so than you may have expected it to be. We have such a close bond with our pets, and letting go is never easy. It is not uncommon to be left with pain, sadness, depression—even anger. When a family pet dies, the experience of grief is similar to mourning the death of a person who we loved. It is a significant loss that should not be ignored, and we do well to pay attention to this loss before beginning to move on with our lives.

Dealing with Grief:

These articles are from the Drake Center for Veterinary Care and are highly recommended. We really couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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